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Fixed-Fluid-Fixed (Holy Grail Layout)


It's My Bike


It's MINE - the simplest expression of ownership in the English language.

With the big, red, capital M it actually seems to shout it. It actually says even more. It's MINE, not yours and never will be.

It's meant to make thieves think twice before saying to themselves, not worth the hassle and moving on to a non It's MINE person's prized possessions.

It comes in all sorts of flavours, for the cycling enthusiast, It's MYBIKE, for the musician, It's MYGUITAR or It's MYCELLO etc etc... and for the minimalist simply It's MINE.

At the heart of this is a unique numbering system, UNITS which uses gobally recognised standards to future proof your entry into the Internet of Things.

For example the UNITS code Propology for film and stage props was used initially for our chips that were used in the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens and for the Star Wars Collectors Edition.

It's MINE is the result of years of research looking to understand how both criminals and victims think. Now you can use that expertise to support your customers.

We have brought together the latest Near Field Communication (NFC)technology along with lessons from Behavioral Economics to deliver our effective and elegant customer focused security package. Get more information about NFC from here.

With our anti-counterfeiting approach your customers can also feel confident that they are buying the real thing.

We have also secured some significant NFC real estate like and as well as many, many others. Check them out here.

As part of our corporate social esponsibility strategy we support the StopIT campaign to disrupt the market for stolen goods read all about it here.