Don't be a hero

It's only a matter of time before someone gets killed attempting to recover stolen property. Watch this idiot.

What would have happened if the thief had a knife, or in the USA, a gun? Many of the opportunist thieves who steal smart phones, laptops or handbags are junkies. Fancy facing a wired junkie wielding a blade?

The other slight academic problem is - what if you he got the wrong guy? GPS, the civilian kind, is accurate to about ten metres, no way could you identify who had it in even a vaguely built up area. The phone may also have been sold on to someone else, who may have bought it in good faith.

Then you add alcohol to the mix. Increasingly smart phones and handbags are being stolen from pubs and clubs. You may then have the interesting scenario, drunk 'have a go hero' confronts wired junkie wielding blade.

Our Smart Ties and Smart bracelets alarm when they are separated by about ten metres from the device with which it is paired. We are often asked if we can make this distance shorter and our answer is always an emphatic no.

The reason is that we want there to be a physical separation which reduces the chance of just such a confrontation. The volume of the alarm, 85 dbs means that a thief would probably drop the item and run.

As regards our tracking device, never, never ever don the mantle of the 'have a go hero' and use it to try to recover a stolen item yourself.

Instead, call the professionals. The police deal with this sort of thing all the time, they know what to do - he didn't.

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