Tapping into the Future

Behavioral Domains

It's Mine has moved to secure a piece of prime real estate on the Internet of Things for its customers. The .com domain remains the most popular to register with .net coming a long way second.

As of Dec. 31, 2016, the .com domain name base totaled 126.9 million domain name registrations, while the .net domain name base totaled 15.3 million domain name registrations.

Tapping behavior is synonymous with the use of NFC technologies. In English to tap, a tap or tapping has a variety of connotations. Tap as a noun is commonly either a valve, a spigot, a device that is used to eavesdrop or a physical touch.

On tap means available with particular reference to dispensing beers or other alcoholic beverages. Our On Tap series of domains focused on the UK's largest conurbations would be appropriate for a hospitality, or media industry player.

Tapping in to something generally means becoming involved, getting a benefit from or becoming part of something. Our tap into series would be appropriaste for companies with a particular geographic focus for their offering.

The sports, generic and non UK domains are available for licence individually. Tap Into and On Tap are only for licence as a block

If you are interested in licencing any of the domains please email Alan Macfadyen

Domains: On Tap

  • birminghamontap.co.uk

  • brightonontap.com

  • bristolontap.com

  • cardiffontap.com

  • coventryontap.com

  • derbyontap.com

  • edinburghontap.com

  • exeterontap.com

  • glasgowontap.com

  • hullontap.com

  • leedsontap.com

  • leicesterontap.com

  • liverpoolontap.com

  • londonontap.com

  • manchesterontap.co.uk

  • newcastleontap.com

  • norwichontap.com

  • nottinghamontap.com

  • oxfordontap.com

  • plymouthontap.com

  • sheffieldontap.com

  • southamptonontap.com

  • sunderlandontap.com

  • swanseaontap.com

  • york-on-tap.com

Generic Tap:

  • wifi-on-tap.co.uk

  • wifi-on-tap.com

  • tapintoplay.com

  • tapintopay.com

Domains Tap Into:

  • tapintobelfast.com

  • tapintobirmingham.com

  • tapintocardiff.com

  • tapintoedinburgh.com

  • tapintoengland.com

  • tapintoglasgow.com

  • tapintoireland.com

  • tapintoliverpool.com

  • tapintolondon.com

  • tapintomanchester.com

  • tapintoscotland.com

  • tapintowales.com

Tap in to Sport

  • tapintofootball.com

  • tapintosailing.com

  • tapintosurfing.com

  • tapintofishing.com

  • tapintogolf.com

Non UK

  • antwerpontap.com

  • barcelona-on-tap.com

  • tapintobarcelona.com

  • tapintoboston.com

  • tapintofrance.com

  • tapintoneworleans.com

  • tapintoparis.com

  • tapintoitalia.com

  • tapintoitalia.it

  • tapintoitalia.org