Welcome to the It's MINE Dashboard

Below is what you will see when you scan an It's Mine NFC 800+ microchip. The fields in brackets (...) are filled in automatically with information read from the chip. All the input fields here have been disabled.

You will only ever be able to access this page by reading an It's Mine NFC 800+. All you have to do is tap your NFC capable phone on to the chip or label and it will just happen. If you want to register an ordinary It's Mine 800 series chip you can do it manually here.

Here you can manage your items. You can register for the first time, see the items you have registered, report them lost or stolen or deregister if you have sold the item, allowing the new owner to register.

Basic information:

Your tag number is: (Your It's Mine NFC 800+ tag number)

Your item was scanned at: (Time scanned) The time the item was scanned from this IP address: (XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX)

It has been scanned (X) times.


Enter your item on the free government database the National Mobile Property Register

You can also use their system to if a bike or accessory has been lost or stolen. National Mobile Property Register

It's My Bike:

Check if your bike has been listed as lost or stolen on Check That Bike. Check That Bike is run by cycling activist John Moss and is well worth your support

Tag Number:

The following is pretty self explanatory. An important point though is that the password you choose is never actually stored on the database. We use a system known as hashing to make sure that no one can get at your password. It does mean that you cannot chan ge your password. If you forget it you will have to change it. To do that send an email from the email address you registered to us and we will issue a new password.

The system also checks whether or not the item is stolen. It also allows a police officer to request the contact details of the owner if they recover it.

They would get the following message "This item has been reported as lost or stolen. If you are a police officer Its Mine Technology will supply you with contact details for the owner. For us to supply you with the owners email address email us at giving the name of your force, your name and your badge or warrant card number along with the tag number. We will contact you initially by calling 101 and ask for your force and then you by name.


Your item is not registered. You can register by filling in the form below.

Password: Email address:
Tag Number: Type:
UNITS Code: Report Loss:

The Tag number is the unique number of the chip which is read automatically. It cannot be changed. The Type field is set by the microchip. It is a short code that helps identify what it is e.g. GTR for guitar. The UNITS field says what UNITS code it falls under. For example the UNITS code for music generally is MNM which stands for MINIM®. For more information about the UNITS system click here.

Manage your items.


You can register your item as lost or stolen or change its status if you recover, dispose or sell it.

Password: Email address:


Delete your item if you have sold or disposed of your it.

Password: Email address:

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Musical Instruments

Find out why London's Royal College of Music entrusted the security of it's entire classical instrument collection to It's MINE and see how we can help keep your precious instruments safe and save you money on insurance

Sports Equipment

A prized pair of George Best's match boots, a century-scoring Gray Nicolls Cricket Bat, a SCUBA rig or a pair of Purdeys. - Whatever your game, we've got a solution that'll keep your gear safe, and it could even save you money with your current insurer.

Handbags & Luggage

Our favourite subject: Handbags. Big ones, small ones, designer or vintage, high-end or just plain 'high street', we can keep your handbags (& manbags) safe and sound, and help you get yours back if it's lost.