It's Your Business

We believe that It's Your Business. We start off from a very basic idea. You understand your own business better than we do.

We know loads of stuff about loads of stuff. We know how criminal minds work, we know how they like to operate, what they want to steal and how they normally get rid of it. We also have a pretty good idea of how people become victims. For example most musical instruments are lost, left behind at gigs or public transport rather than stolen.

Which implies that the first line of defence shoudl be something that makes it easy to identify the instrument owner.


A label, also designed to be a theft deterrent, fitted with an NFC chip readable by an Android phone fits the bill. Which leads rather neatly to one of our key differentiators.

Evidence Based

We are evidence based. Which means that every claim we make we can back up with hard facts.

We can make some statements about thieves in general worldwide.


So we want to stop him, and it is generally a male, doing a number of things.

They are: Selling within half an hour, being able to sell what he has stolen and take advantage of him not being a specialist and make him nervous about the risks.

Within the half an hour time frame the thief has to remove all the security and repair any damage caused. He has to find the chips using an Android phone.

But in the act of finding them the chip will send an email to the owner saying it has been scanned.

Then he has to get the chips out, all the time the clock is ticking.

However the phone does not tell you exactly where it is. To be certain you he has to gouge out a huge area to do that tick, tick, tick.........

Then he has to repair whatever it is. Bearing in mind that he is not a specialist that presents a few additional problems. He has to be able to fix musical instruments, classic cars, upholstery, bicycles, antiques, tennis racquets, cricket bats, etc.etc..

And he also has to carry the specialist equipment to do so. tick, tick, tick.....

So if your are a manufacturer of chippable stuff, which means basically almost anything, or an insurer who insures chippable stuff or a repairer of chippable stuff we would like to talk to you about how your business works and how it could benefit from what we do.