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Partners are important to us. We have two different, commercial who will sell our products and experts whose advice and experience prevent you being the victim of crime or loss.

It's Mine - Simply Smarter Security.

The Crime Prevention Website

The Crime Prevention Website is the largest and most comprehensive resource for free Crime Prevention and Home Security advice online. This is an excellent resource put together by ex police officer Calvin Beckford with the technical assistance of his son Ben. Calvin has a real mission and passion for crime prevention.


New Moon Insurance

New Moon specialise in insuring musical instruments, indivuals and bands. They also insure guns, fishing equipment, binoculars and cameras. New Moon offer a flexible and innovative approach to managing risk and are open to addressing broader challenges.


South Woodford Neighbourhood Watch

Crime prevention from the perspective of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Lots of good relevant, up to date information. It has, as it should, a local focus, but still gives loads of relevant advice for those who want to remain in possession of their property. SouthWoodford