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Our products are designed for psychological warfare. They are take advantage of how criminals assess risk.

When deciding whether or not to steal something they will assess the risk of getting caught as against what they will get in terms of money or drugs if they do the deed.

We know that thieves the world over work the same way. They like to steal something and get rid of it quickly, normally within half an hour. During that time they also have to remove any security and repair the damage they have caused when doing it.

But finding an 800 series chip means they to use a scanner which can only tell them roughly where it is. To be certain of finding it they will have to gouge a large hole in the item and then fix it before trying to get rid of it.

They face the same problem with It's MINE NFC chips but with the added complication that the very act of scanning fires up the smartphones browser which send a message to our database which records their phones's nework address every time they check where it is.

We bring the two RFID systems together in It's MY Bike to create a real nightmare for bike thieves. They have to use a scanner to find the 800 series chips as well as using their phone to check for NFC chips which will mean that their phone's network address is being recorded.

Meanwhile the clock is clicking, the risk of feeling the tap on the shoulder rising and the bike is becoming more hole than bicycle. Not a good idea.

And there could also be a concealed tracking device or Smart Tie before they even get started.

You can have fun playing the same game too. Buy some of our 800 series and NFC chips or labels that you can put on anything with our Protected by It's MINE Technology labelling.

The Ubiquitous Chip

Chips with Everything

These chips may be tiny but they represent a huge challenge for thieves, fences and people who buy stolen goods. We have two types, our 800 range which uses the same frequency as the chips used for animals. One of that range, our PRP 800s are fitted to the weapon props used in the latest Star Wars movie as well as the Star Wars Limited Edition replicas.

NFC Branding

We also have chips and labels that can be scanned using an Android, Blackberry or Windows smartphone using NFC technologies. The same technology that makes Apple Pay and Android Pay work.

You do not need an app to scan them. Simply tap your phone on the chip and your phone will automatically connect to the It's MINE Technology Dashboard where you can manage your item. You can only get to the page if you scan the chip or label with an NFC phone. You can find a list of phones that have got NFC, not iPhones as yet, here.

It's Mine 800 series or NFC chips can be fitted into or onto anything from caravans to baseball bats, from fishing rods to musical instruments.

There are a number of companies, Datatag, Immobitag and Datatool offering chips for sale claiming that police forces have access to scanners that can read their chips. In reality very few police forces have or use the scanners. Others are selling invisible marking systems that the science says don't work. Why? Because it's invisible. Stuff marked with ultraviolet marking systems still gets stolen and sold.

Claims that they work are simply based on the fact that they are generally launched with a huge fanfare and visible signage. Thieves move elsewhere for a while or change what they steal, simply displacing the problem then go back to business as usual once the heat is off. The evidence says that using this stuff does not result in increases in either stolen goods being returned to owners or more arrests.

It's MY Bike

Triple Tech Trebles the Trouble for Thieves

Three different technologies, NFC, RFID and Tamper proof labelling combine to present a major problem for bike thieves.

The standard package is three ISO 800 series chips which you can fit anywhere on the bike and an NFC label. But you can order extra chips of either type or NFC labels for the bike or for accessories. This means that you can protect all of your gear.

Bike Logo Small

The NFC It's MY Bike label or other NFC labelling or chips automatically starts the web browser on your phone without having to use an app taking you to the It's MINE Technology Dashboard

On the It's MINE Technology Dashboard you can register your chip's number, delete entries, add to your collection of possessions or mark the item as lost or stolen.

It also provides a number of links where you can check if the item has been reported lost or stolen before you buy it if you are buying secdond hand.

Max the Mix

It's MY Bike also works at a psychological level. We all have a natural bias against ambiguity. A preference for known risks, ones that we can assess.

Ambiguity aversion is more powerful and subtle than simple risk aversion. A thief cannot know with certainty how many chips they are looking for and if they are NFC capable or not. It makes it all the more likely that they will leave your kit alone.

ItsMyBikeLogoSmallKey Features:

  • NFC chipped tamper proof label
  • 2 NFC labels
  • Free database entry and management dashboard.


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