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The It's MINE Technology suite is a flexible deterrent to thieves and will help you get back your possessions if you lose or mislay them. There is no 'one fits all' strategy that will meet every eventuality, that is why we have created a range of solutions designed to reflect the complex world in which we live

Over the years there has been a huge decline in crime all over the world, especially in car theft and burglary. In the main this has been driven by better security, immobilisers, burglar alarms etc. During the same period there has been a rise on theft of items such as handbags, smart phones and bicycles.

There has also been an increase in thefts from gardens and garden sheds involving ride on mowers, tools and garden furniture. Rural crime has also become more organised with increases in the amount of horse tack being stolen for example. Anglers are also being targetted for their expensive fishing tackle.

Although theft is an ever present threat we very often manage to lose or leave behind loads of our possessions. Most musical instruments are not stolen, they get left behind in taxis, at gigs, in hotel rooms.

A high proportion of smart phones and handbags are lost or mislaid. Large clubs often have dozen of phones and bags handed in during a busy evening. Very few of them are reunited with their owners.

It's MINE Technology has learned the lessons of the success in reducing car theft and burglary and applied it to the thieves new targets, your personal possessions. For example, fit a concealed chip to a saddle, along with a tag showing our branding. The evidence shows that thieves will leave behind tagged items rather than taking the chance of being found with items that can immediately be proved to be stolen. Do the same to musical instruments, fishing tackle, sports equipment, medical equipment, power tools the list is almost endless.

Tie a Smart Tie® to your overnight fishing tackle and the blue flashing light will help you relax more easily while you wait for a bite. Use the Smart Tie® or the Smart Bracelet to make sure you leave the club, pub or restaraunt with what you walked in with.

If you come up with a way of using our technology to address a particular security issue then you might have a going business. Have a look at our Opportunity Knocks page.

The Ubiquitous Chip

Chips with Everything

These chips may be tiny but they represent a huge challenge for thieves, fences and receivers of stolen goods. Not only do have they to find them, no easy matter but they have to remove them and repair the damage caused in doing so. Because they are registered with the National Mobile Property Register Police can easily check that something is with it's rightful owner.

Thieves, fences and receivers will have to play a game of 'pass the parcel' with the one being left in possession facing the strong possibility of arrest if they cannot get the chip out and repair the damage.

The chips are exactly the same as the ones that are used for animals. They meet international standard ISO 11784/5. Additionally our chips have been tested by the International Committee for Animal Recording, the body responsible for compliance with the standards to ensure that the number is unique and unalterable.

We decided to use these standards because they are globally recognised and scanners able to read our chips are available all over the world.

Chips and applicator;

There are a number of other companies offering chips for sale claiming that police forces have access to scanners that can read their chips. In reality very few police forces do have these scanners mainly because of the expense involved in purchasing them.

Because their chips are propriety and do not meet any international standard you have to have a specialist scanner to read them which costs over £350. Scanners to read our chips retail for under £50.00.

The chips are so small that they will fit into almost anything. We have put them into everything from scaffolding poles to bricks, musical instruments, power tools, tennis racquets saddles, classic cars, caravans, handbags, golf bags, camera bags, gun cases, fishing rods, stamp collections. The list could go on. Every few days someone contacts us about fitting them into something else.

You can buy as many as you like. We have a number of standard packages such as for handbags or leather goods or a bag of chips which is any number of chips you need. The more you buy the less it costs.

Smart Alarms

Smart Tie - a black spot for thieves

With a Smart Tie® on your keyring, you'll never forget your phone, lose your iPad or leave your laptop behind again. It's your very own personal burglar alarm.

The Smart Tie® is a little marvel of technology that makes a wireless link to any Bluetooth enabled device. If that link is broken, the SmartTie® will let you know.


Equipped with an 85 decibel siren, the Smart Tie® is programmed to activate if the device it's protecting is moved more than 10 metres away.

Attach it to a handbag or rucksack and it's like having a burglar alarm on your bag.

If your bag mysteriously goes for a walk, the person who took it will be right next to your SmartTie® when the siren goes off, making them instantly identifiable as the bag thief.

It's also an un-losable 2Gb USB memory stick that will alarm if removed from a device it's paired with, which prevents that irritating person in your office from 'just borrowing' your flash drive!

Choose your own ringtone / alarm

The alarm on the Smart Tie® is deliberately loud and piercing but if you want a softer reminder can change the alarm sound to the audio file of your choice, just like the ringtone on your mobile 'phone. And the SmartTie® even plays MP3s!

Close up detail of vibrate selector buttonKey Features:

  • 85db siren (Switchable)
  • Vibrate function (Switchable)
  • 2 Gb Memory
  • Use your own alarm or ringtone
  • USB Chargeable
  • Robust, functional design

Smartie close-up

Retail Price: £29.99 Inc. VAT (UK & ROI Only)

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IMT Tracker

Some things are just too precious to risk losing.  A vintage Jaguar, a pre-CBS Fender Strat, a Louis Vuitton Black Label or even your aging Auntie Dot - but now It's MINE Technology can help you keep track of even your most treasured things too.

Tracker (20K)

For the seriously security conscious, we recommend our IMT Tracking Device. The IMT uses a SIM card to provide precise location information via GPS and Mobile networks. Unlike traditional 'installation' trackers, the IMT is transferable between property and there's no ongoing contract to pay for either, just insert the pay-as-you-go SIM card, (supplied with £5.00 free credit!) and you're ready to go.  And you'll only use your credit if you need to locate your IMT.

With five functions, the IMT is the ultimate personal security measure:

Tracking: Provides an exact location via text message and Google Maps. As the tracker moves, so does the pin in your map..

Movement Sensor: Sends you text message if your property (or elderly relative) has moved, and allows tracking via your Maps app.

Geo-Fence: Allows you to set up a geographic perimeter for your tracking device. When your property moves outside the fence, you get a text message.

Emergency SOS: An SOS button sends a repeated text message to an ICE number of your choice, showing 'Emergency' as the caller ID and providing exact GPS co-ordinates for the tracker on the recipient's Maps app.

When your bag is found your unique It's MINE chip number will identify the bag and allow the Police or lost property Office to contact you, via your chosen method, to arrange for a happy reunion.

Listening Device: Allows you to listen to any sound within close proximity to the tracking device.

The It's MINE IMT Tracking Device is the ultimate way to keep track of your prized possessions.


Retail Price: £49.99 Inc. VAT (UK & ROI Only)

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