Disruption of the market for stolen goods is not a new idea

It's Mine has developed an approach designed to make the purchase of stolen or counterfeit goods socially unacceptable, STOP IT!

It's based on human psychology. We naturally want to ally and agree with other people. The behaviour of those within a group sets standards that we try to avoid breaking.

A good example of this behavioral bonding is where we met another driver on the road who is driving the same car as we are, or, even better not only the same model but also the same color. We cannot help but feel an affinity with them, a bond that is completely illogical but we all do it.


At the moment, buying stolen or counterfeit goods is frowned upon but tolerated similarly to the way that drunk driving used to be thirty years ago. What turned the tide in the case of drunk driving was an active campaign to portray that behavior as something that was inexcusable, not the way that one should behave.

Behavior is contagious, you can 'catch' sadness and happiness from others. The same for smoking, obesity, smiling, crying and suicide. Those involved tend to use the words we and us to refer to the group of whose behaviors they approve known as an in group. Those with whom they do not agree, the out group, are referred to as they and them.

Our first target is those who buy stolen bicycles or bicycle accessories.

Many cyclists will buy something that they 'know' in their heart of hearts was stolen yet they will ignore the evidence and their consciences and make the purchase. We are naturally programmed by evolution to be slightly dishonest to benefit ourselves or our group.

If, however we are reminded of a code of ethics we are less likely to ignore the evidence that something has been stolen

We do not like to see ourselves as dishonest or untrustworthy and if it is pointed out that we are behaving in that fashion then we are more liable to change behaviors. That is the basis of the idea, 'honour amongst thieves', even those inhabiting the criminal world have social stratification.

Over a period of time, counted in decades, behaviors slowly change. Gladiatorial contests no longer hold the poularity they once did, bear baiting does not draw the crowds anymore. We think the time has come to make buying, selling and counterfeiting history.