Tap into It's Mine Technology.

Our new chips are little radio transmitters that can be read by most modern smartphones which are capable of Near Field Communication (NFC). For further information on NFC click here.

Most Android phones have NFC as standard. You don't have to download an app for them to work if NFC is turned on. iPhones from version 7 onwards are NFC capable.You have to use an app which can be downloaded from the app store. We advise going for TagInfo from NXP.

Some chips are preprogrammed for different particular classes of things. The It's MY Bike, chips are for, guess what, bikes. The ones called MINIM are for musical instruments.

The individual chips themselves can be set up as appropriately for different industries. You might want to order a few chips to add to your saddlebags for your bike. Or you might want some onmetal chips for your band's lighting rig. When you place your order tell us what you they are for and we will preprogramme them.

Here are some of the other preprogrammed chips we do for industry sectors.

IndustryShort Code
Cycling BQE
Music MNM
Fashion FLAIR
Angling BAIT
Aviation (Model) PILOT
Winter Sports SQI
Movie & Theatre props PRP
Plant and Tool Hire PATH
Medical MDC
Sports GLF, TNS, etc
Equestrian EQUUS
Antiques & Collectables PRVNCE

The chips are also programmed with a country identifier using the UN international standard. This can be useful for things like warranties.

They can also have a Type code. Music Types include things like STR for strings WDW for woodwind etc. For Fashion, BAG, PRS and so on.

Every chip has a unique ID which cannot be altered.

The chips can be customised to do all kinds of things. They can send an email, a text, link to a web page, start an app on your phone, contain contact info that automatically updates your contact list

One fun use we found was for parties where the invitation card contained a chip which gave the date and time as well as the location.

If you think of a way of using them give us a call and we will figure out if we can help you.

Delivery Please allow 14 days for delivery (UK) and 28 days (Rest of the world).

Smart Tie

It's MY Bike

A high visibility label designed to disrupt a thief's target selection process.

Couples with two Near Field Communication chips that should be hidden on the bike.

To register your bike or accessories simply tap your smartphone on the chip and fill in the online form.

You will have free access to our database, The Safe, where you can manage your items. Club or event organiser may also find the facility to download their entries in spreadsheet format

£9.99 Exc. vat



For instrument cases. Make sure you put the label somewhere highly visible. They are designed to deter thieves so they have to be seen

Register the chip by simply tapping your phone on them and then follow the online guide.

You will have free access to our database, The Safe, where you can manage your items. Club or event organiser may also find the facility to download their entries in spreadsheet format

£9.99 ex. vat


On metal chips

These chips have a special coating on the back to allow them to be placed on metal surfaces.

They get used for things like being put on the side of home appliances such as fridges and washing machines where, to get access to the manuals all you have to do is tap the phone on the chips.

They are also great for making 'connected' fridge magnets we have found.

£0.99 Exc. VAT


Our general purpose chip.

These chips can be read through materials such as plastic, wood, ceramics as well as used to make labels and advertising materials interactive. But they cannot be used on a metal surface.

So far they have been used for all kinds ofthings things like being put under instrumemt makers labels. They can be read through the wooden backings of guitars, violins, cellos. For bookmarks for real books, put under the bark of trees, under the leather of saddles and other horse tack. The list grows every week

If you have got a particular idea of what you would like to use them for, give us a call.

£0.99 Exc. vat