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HMMM But there is a problem with iPhones. Apple only allow NFC to be used for their Apple Pay operation. They operate a walled garden approach to deploying technology such as iTunes. It is their present business model.

It is what most telco companies did when rolling out the 'mobile' Internet. It is likely however that Apple will make NFC available to developers in the near future as indicacted in their involvement in the NFC Forum.

IN Bluetooth just works for most things but.... HMM! There is a slight issue with the quality of sound with Bluetooth headphones but because Apple have dropped support for the jack socket for the iPhone 7 you can be sure that there will be a great deal of focus on making it better.

HMMM There is also a problem with GPS. Thieves are starting to put trackers on things that they want to steal like high end bikes and cars. They can also use GPS blockers to interfere with the GPS location system.

In deploying technology we have to remember human frailty. We have been asked loads of times about adding trackers to expensive handbags. Sounds like a good idea but it really, really isn't. Think about it, it supports automated stalking.

OUT We are also evidence based which means that we check if something actually works. So we rejected an approach which used ultraviolet marking to ID goods. The problem was that the evidence said that it did not deter thieves or people buying stuff that was stolen. And the reason, because it was invisible and thieves and buyers of stolen goods aren't psychic. It does not work, never has, never will.


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