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Thieves, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. But here are some global characteristics that the vast majority of them share:

There are a number of misconceptions about crime. Here are some of the most common:

Criminal Cravings

Some things are targetted more often than not, Criminologists have what they call a CRAVED list which helps identify what thieves are liable to target.

They are:

The best way to put off a thief is for him to know that if he takes the risk of stealing your item, he will not make any money from selling it. A thief, even a drug addict, won't take what he sees as an unneccessary risk. It's Mine Technology is designed to raise the risk threat using a mixture of psychological and technology barriers.

He will have to find the concealed NFC chips using an Android phone. But when he finds one the owner will be automatically alerted via email giving the network address of the thief's phone

Then he faces the prospect of digging the chips out. The phone scanner is accurate to about 1.5 centimetres which mean that to be certain of taking out the chip he is going to have to gouge out a huge hole. Then he has to repair and try to sell it, all within his preferred half an hour time frame.

For more on the science behind this go here

On the other hand if you are a thief you will find it useful to read our FAQ for Felons to find more out about the challenges you will face with It's Mine.

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