Thieves Kitchen


Thieves, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. But there are chracteristics that the vast majority of them tend to share:
  • Very, very few thieves are specialists.
  • The majority of thieves steal to fund a drug or drink habit.
  • Only around five per cent of them actually suffer from kleptomania.
  • They rarely steal for themselves.
  • They will sell what they steal within half an hour.
  • They prefer to steal in areas where there is someone to sell to - a 'fence'.
  • The only thing that a thief is concerned about is the potential value of the item he is stealing.
According to the five top targets of thieves are:

  • Portable computing devices
  • Smart phones
  • Cash and Jewellery
  • Bicycles
  • Home Entertainment Systems
Other popular areas are near where they live, where their partner lives or where their drug dealer lives.

The best way to put off a thief is for him to know that if he takes the risk of stealing your item, he will not make any money from selling it. A thief, even a drug addict, won't take what he sees as an unneccessary risk. It's Mine Technology is designed to raise the risk threat using a mixture of psychological and technology barriers.


What does it mean when I see your logo on someone's property?
The item is the subject of multi layered security, which you won't be able to remove without damaging the item beyond repair, making it worthless.
At the very least it will be fitted with a hidden Radio Frequency ID microchip. It may even have two. In the case of a bicycle it'll have a minimum of three. It may also have a label which will be almost impossible to remove, and could also have a concealed tracking device which will automatically switch itself on if moved. The item will also be registered with the National Mobile Property Register which means that if you are caught in possession of it you can be charged with theft without waiting for the owner to identify his or her property.
It must be valuable if it is protected by It's Mine Technology. Surely it's worth taking the chance?
Afraid not. You can protect your property with It's Mine Technology for just £12.00, so people can afford to protect almost anything. If you're a thief who sees our logo you're never going know exactly what security has been used. So it's probably best to assume the worst.
Surely some people will just label their items without fitting chips or a tracker.
The labels will never be sold on their own without some form of protective technology. So no, that's not going to happen.