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Universal Numeric Identity Tagging Systems

The Codes


All technologies are doomed to become obselescent whereas numbers are forever. UNITS codes are designed to future proof your products by providing a logical and simple way to unqiuely identify anything using a simple set of rules.

The codes are up to 16 alpha numeric characters which gives us billions of potential unique ID numbers. They are designed to be human friendly, for example MINIM happens to be a half note in musical notation in the UK as well as being Music Industry Numeric Identity Marker.

Another reason for having the human friendly naming convention is people identify more with jargon that appears relevant to their particular goup, in this case musical associations.

We can include other numbering systems such as the UN/ ISO Country Code system which either uses digits or characters to identify a country. This can be important for managing warranty claims or grey imports.

The system is also flexible enough to take account of pre existing serial number systems such as those associated with ERP such as SAP or supply chain management software.

The example below uses MINIM as an example. It includes the ISO 3166 country code as well as the International Standard Industry Code for retail.


If you are interested in using UNITS please email Alan Macfadyen or call using the number below.

The naming convention is managed by It's Mine at present but we hope to pass this to industry owned independent bodies in the future.

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