Our Technology


It's MINE's approach to technology could be characterised as pragmatic innovation. For example the MD, Alan Macfadyen 'got' the Internet back in the early 90s.

As a journalist he saw it as a new channel of communication. It wasn't going to replace other forms, it was just a new, but potentially very important channel. His view is that no communication medium dies out, TV did not replace radio. Neither replaced print. Graffiti could be regarded as just the latest update to cave painting :).

The one thing that technology has to be however is human friendly and just work.

IN That is why we opted to use Radio Frequency Identification chips when it came to uniquely identifying someones ownership of something. RFID microchips have been succesfully used for animal ID for decades, millions of these chips have been used worldwide now so why reinvent the wheel?

IN As regards our adoption of Near Field Communications (NFC), the RFID technology behind Apple and Android Pay, in the couple of years it has been on the go it has made enormous strides, it was a no brainer .

One of the lessons from the Internet was that the more that someone had to do to get to the content they wanted the less likely they were to do it.

So when we found out that we could deliver content, start an application, make a call etc, using NFC without have to involve an app it made sense to add it the mix.
OUT There were technologies that we decided not to use, such as QR codes because they look ugly, more like a Rorschach blot nightmare than anything else, and were not user friendly. Before you can use them you have to download an app, and to read them you had to start it as well, a bit rubbish really.